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Login Help


Q. How do I login?

A. Enter your email address and password in the top right corner of this page and click the black button with the arrow.

Q. I have forgotten or don't know my password

A. First check you haven’t got the CAPS lock accidentally switched on and you enter the password exactly as provided.  If no success, reset your password here, enter your email address and you will be sent further instructions to reset your password.

Q. I have forgotten my email address

A. In the first instance please contact your group administrator as they are able to check or reset your email address.  If you are the only group administrator, please contact Energize with your name, old username (if you have one), group name, contact address and current email.

Q. I get a message that my email address is not RECOGNISED

A. If your email address is not recognised, this is likely to mean there is no account set up with this address. Please check you are entering your email address correctly and if continues contact the administrator for your group and they can add you as a leader. If your group or organisation is currently not subscribed you can subscribe here.

Q. I can login but I can’t access protected meeting plans or articles

A. This is likely to mean that your group subscription has expired.  Please contact your group administrator or contact Energize if you are the group administrator and you think this is an error or would like to renew.

Q. Where has the remember me option gone?

A. We have removed this option due to increased risk of other people accessing your account by gaining access to your computer.  Although we don’t advise it, you can however use the browser to store your login details for future access.  Please see below.

Q. How do I get my browser to store my details for future login.

A. We don’t advise that you do this due to the security risk of someone else accessing your computer but if you still want to then follow these instructions:

In Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE):

  1. Select the Tools pull down menu
  2. Select "Internet Options..." menu item
  3. Select the "Content" tab
  4. Select the "AutoComplete..." button
  5. Make sure both "User names and passwords on forms" and "Prompt me to save passwords" check boxes are checked
  6. Then click on the OK button twice.
  7. Log into Energize

Now if you want you can turn off the Auto Complete save passwords for other logins, just unclick the "Prompt me to save passwords" and your password for Energize will still be remembered.

In Firefox:

You will find the Firefox password settings in the Tools menu, then Options, then click on Security. There is a checkbox "Remember passwords for sites". Follow similar steps to the above IE procedure.


If the problem you are experiencing is not covered here please contact us.