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Use the search facility to find a Meeting Plan, or individual activities for a particular age group or theme. 

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Storyline is a new, fresh, 12 session resource produced by Urban Saints, which takes young people on a journey where they will understand, and experience, the story of God as revealed in the Bible.


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New, flexible, 10 session programme using sport to share the Gospel message with young people.

Many young people love sport and it's a great way to open up the gospel with young people from outside a church community. Decathlon helps you do just that!

Using games derived from 10 different sports, Decathlon takes young people through some of the essentials of the Christian faith, such as who God is, His grace and the freedom offered by Jesus.

Each session provides material to use in an assembly, a youth group, or a longer holiday-time programme. Young people explore different truths about God through sports, games, Bible engagement, discussion and more.

Decathlon has been put together using creativity and know how from Urban Saints, Youth For Christ and Scripture Union. 

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Projection is a Course for those aged 10 to 12 years and provides an overview of each Book of the Bible.


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Living With Jesus

Living With Jesus is a unique, transformational discipleship course for children, taking them through the fundamentals of the Christian faith in a relational, interactive and challenging way, always applying to their lives the commands to:

  • love God
  • love one another
  • and to love the lost.  
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Word Made Fresh

A theatrical performance by Dave Jenkins which brings Biblical characters to life in a fresh way. the series reveals how a real God makes a difference to the lives of real people.
Each monologue, inspired by the Biblical text, is linked together with comical and entertaining narration, helping you follow the Bible story through.

Go to for more great drama resources by Dave Jenkins. 

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Energize in the News

A growing collection of 'articles' looking at real life news stories. Each 'article' looks at a story that has made the news headlines and discusses who is involved, how the Bible might speak into that situation and gives ideas for discussions and activities to use in your group related to the news story. 

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Energize @ the Movies

Watch a film with your group and then use this series to unpack the worldviews and underlying stories and influences that come out of watching the film.

This series is a collaboration between
Urban Saints and the Bible Society.

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Extra Resources

Download previously printed booklets and files packed full of games, crafts, prayer ideas and puppet drama sketches.

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40 Acts: Be Generous

 40 days of generosity. 40 thought-provoking reflections. 40 simple acts of kindness. PLUS a meeting plan series to help your group connect with living generously.

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Chip Kendall and Bebe Vox

Chip and Bebe are both very talented at what they do... visiting schools and groups, performing gigs, speaking... being relevant to young people 

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Christian Aid Collective: The Justice Thread

A series of interactive bible studies for use in any group environment. Join Christian Aid Collective and try to unravel The Justice Thread...

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Damaris is an educational charity working in partnership with the film industry. They provide official community resources to accompany the latest feature films, helping to engage with the themes and ideas explored in the films.
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God: New Evidence

A series of short videos from Focus that demonstrate how recent scientific discoveries point to the reality of the creator. 

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Prayer Spaces In Schools

"Prayer Spaces In Schools enable children and young people to explore faith and spirituality in a safe, creative and interactive way. A range of flexible resources can be adapted to work for Foundation Stage children through to Sixth Form students, bringing an experiential dimension to RE, Citizenship, PSHE, SEAL, SMSC and pastoral aspects of school life."  

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Rebuild Preparation

Four sessions to prepare groups attending Rebuild 

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An exciting new experience for young people (generally year 9 & above, with their leaders) who are keen to be stretched and challenged in their relationship with God.

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Romance Academy

A basic introductory session both to the Romance Academy and to supporting your young people in approaching the hot topics of sex, sexuality and relationships.  

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Student Link Up

Student Linkup is a service run by Fusion to linkup students to churches in their university towns and prepare students for the world of university. 73% of Christian students don’t commit to a church when they get to university*. Don’t let that be you. Student Linkup helps connect students to churches and churches to students. 

*2011 research by the CUE project found that 73% of Christian Students don't connect to church at university.

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